Twice the Fun

Part of me just wants to not write a blog post for this and say, "SCROLL DOWN AND LOOK AT THE CUTENESS!" That might be a bit on the lazy side though, so I'll write a little for those who want to read and the rest of you can scroll right on down to the photos of the babies.

My cousin had twins this past April - two adorable boys. I drove from Tennessee to Oklahoma to visit them in May (and to take photos). I was able to stay with my cousin and her family for a whole week. My cousin is someone I consider more like the older sister I never had. We spent holidays together, built blanket forts, and share a lot of the same interests. We even studied the same thing in college. So, don't be confused when I refer to these boys as my nephews. (Let's face it, calling them my first cousins once removed is a little ridiculous anyway.)

Because my visit was somewhat longer than my typical newborn session, I was able to be patient and get a lot of photos in various outfits. The knitted hats you see in these pictures were made by my mother - she gets a huge thumbs up for doing all that work. And the boys get a double thumbs up for looking so precious in them!


I think the photos of my cute nephews speak for themselves. It's hard to believe they're already five months old now and so much bigger than they are in these pictures. They are little miracles! I can't wait to see them again and watch as they grow through the years ahead.


- R.S.