Doig Maternity Session

Family is a big deal for me. If you've met me, chances are good you've heard me tell some story about some crazy thing my family has done. I'm close to my parents and brothers, for which I'm incredibly thankful. So, when I see a family growing and get the opportunity to help capture that, I'm super happy! This was recently the case for Alex and Amy, whose wedding I covered a while back. (You can find that post here.) They told me they were expecting a baby boy in the late spring and wanted me to take both maternity and newborn photos. This was great news and, of course, we started making plans right away for their sessions.

We decided that IJAMs would be a great spot due to how varied the scenery is all within the same location. The weather that day was beautiful and the soon-to-be parents were full of energy. It was a real treat being able to catch up with them! Here are just a few of their pictures:

You can tell these two were excited about welcoming their little one into the world! (I say "were" because I'm writing this blog post after having already done their newborn photos...yes, I'm a little behind!) Seeing a family grow will never get old. I immediately start imagining all the fun times they'll have together, the laughter they'll share, and the opportunities they'll have to learn from one another. What stories will they be telling in the years to come? I'm looking forward to hearing them, that is for sure.

Be on the lookout for the post about the arrival of baby Ben! He is a cutie!

- R.S.