Mother's Music

For those of you who follow my instagram account (@ThousandWordPhotography), you may recall that I recently posted a photo of my mother playing piano. It quickly got more "likes" than any other photo I had ever posted. Clearly, it struck a chord with people (once again, pun completely intended) and I feel it is worth writing a blog post about.

My mother took many years of piano lessons when she was younger. I believe she even toyed with the idea of majoring in music during college, but opted for an engineering degree instead. Needless to say, music is a huge part of who she is. We have that in common, along with a great deal of other things. The piano we have now is one she purchased for herself before she even met my dad. It still plays beautifully in spite of all the things we've put it through. At one point, we had to have the key tops replaced (I'd picked at the edges of them as a little kid - not something I'm proud of), but that's about the only real work on it I know of.

Once my mother had me and my brothers, she didn't play very often. A mother of four insane children doesn't often have time to sit down. Besides, playing music might give us cover to get into some sort of mischief. If she was at the piano, normally one of us was with her, receiving a lesson we didn't want. I can't imagine how frustrating that must have been for her. So many times since then I've wished I had listened to her instructions more and not argued so vehemently that I could not, in fact, count and play at the same time. (Since that time, I have learned to play at a decent level and I'm still pretty sure I can't count and play at the same time...but you'll be glad to know we don't fight about it anymore.)

Now that we are all grown, I've noticed her playing a little more often. One afternoon, I heard some beautiful music coming from the basement - and I immediately knew who was playing. Grabbing my camera, I headed down the stairs to sneak some photos. She realized I was there pretty quickly, but didn't mind. After all, she's used to my camera antics. Watching her fingers fly across the keys has always fascinated me (and made me a bit jealous, if I'm being honest). It is such a precious thing to watch someone play who thoroughly enjoys it, especially when you know how hard they work and how little they get to do so. If you know anyone like my mother, I'd encourage you to sit down and really listen to their music sometime. I think it will be time well-spent.