Sally's Session

Have you been enjoying all this warm weather we've been getting? I know that thoughts are conflicting on the subject. Some are complaining that we really haven't had winter, and others are happy they can wear t-shirts in January/February. As a photographer, I'm pretty thrilled to have warm weather to take pictures in. My fingers aren't freezing as I use my camera and my clients' noses aren't turning red. It's great!

One of my most recent sessions was with a family friend of mine named Sally. She's a life coach, and was looking for some professional portraits for her website. I was thrilled when she asked me to take pictures for her. Catching up with friends is always fun! I made a day of it and drove to Bristol for her session. We took some photos in her home, where she does a lot of her correspondence with clients:

Her dog is adorable, so we had to make sure he was in a few pictures!


Then, because the weather was so nice, we drove out to the park and made some pictures there. As you can see, she was in short sleeves and it was no big deal when we moved outdoors for more photos! While I know some snow would be nice, this photographer is cheering on the sun, right along with Sally:


Her positive attitude is infectious, and I left the session feeling uplifted and encouraged in what I do. You can definitely tell she knows how to do her job! 

Well, until next time, enjoy the sunshine!

- R.S.