Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you're enjoying time with your loved ones today (and perhaps some chocolate goodies as well). To be quite honest, I wasn't sure what I wanted to write in celebration. All I knew is that I wanted to write something. It only seemed right for a wedding photographer to acknowledge the holiday.

So, what did I decide to treat you to? I figured I would list the top five things I LOVE about photography! Without further ado, I'll get started.

5.) One thing I really enjoy about photography is how versatile it is. Within one medium, you can get an enormous range in styles. I first got into photography while taking pictures of plants in my garden, from which I moved quickly on to portrait photography. Currently, I'm enjoying extremely abstract photos with lots of bokeh in them:

4.) My camera makes me feel a bit braver. And yes, I realize that may sound like a silly statement, but it is the honest truth. My family knows that I have a fear of heights, as well as a fear of looking goofy. Oddly enough, both of these fears go away when my camera is in my hands. I don't care if I'm on the edge of a cliff if I'm doing it to get a great picture. (Don't get me wrong - I'm still not being foolish on a cliff-edge, I'm just not scared.) The same principle applies when I may look silly in order to get a client to laugh or to get the perfect angle. With my camera around, I don't mind a bit. For this particular shot, I stood up on top of a moving vehicle:

3.) This one goes along a bit with the first thing I listed - I love how there is always more to learn about photography. I can never know all there is to know about photography. It is constantly morphing into something new. I have a habit of telling people that I hated school, but love learning. I've never been fond of standardized tests or busy work, but I have always been interested in discovering new things. With photography, I can never get bored. It's awesome!

2.) Another thing I love about photography is the way it captures details. I've always been a detail-oriented person. If I've talked to you in person about taking pictures, you know that, until I was almost ten, I had never seen the stars. Sure, I knew they were there, but I'd only ever seen them in pictures - not in the actual night sky. In light of that (pun definitely intended), I could only see details in things that I was close to. I needed glasses...badly. Photography gives me a way to hold onto details that I remember spending a lot of my life not seeing. Stay tuned in the future for an entire project that centers around this fact.

1.) Finally, and most importantly, I love photography because of the people it allows me to meet or catch up with. I love making new friends and celebrating milestones with them and their families. At almost every wedding I shoot I end up crying because I'm so happy for the couple. Then, I also get the clients I've known for years - friends I get to catch up with on a regular basis because I take their pictures. It's such a blessing to have a job that allows for that. My clients are such lovely people!


Now you've gotten a little taste of why I love my work so much! Do you think my camera will be my valentine?


- R.S.