Logan + Axie

I was texting my friend, Axie, one Friday about taking a trip to the Tri-Cities to see her and have lunch. We'd settled on Saturday (the next day) and were trying to decide where we wanted to eat. Since I moved away to Knoxville, we try to stay in touch and visit when the opportunity arises. Then, I received a text from her wherein she informs me that she wants to talk about me taking pictures of her elopement the next day. (Keep in mind that her wedding date was set for about a month later.) I'll admit I was a little surprised, but I replied that we could definitely talk about it over lunch.

Axie quickly clarified that she meant she needed to talk to me about taking pictures because they were eloping on Saturday. My reaction was first, "Wow, okay, that's totally not what I thought you meant!" and then, "I'd better get my photography gear ready to go!" Although they were technically eloping, we decided that we'd take photos as if it was their wedding since, for the most part, it was. They had a lovely service overlooking the lake, wore their wedding clothes, and everything.

With the typical wedding I shoot, I have things very planned out. I go back and forth with my clients about the schedule for the day to ensure that everything runs smoothly, that their priority images have been planned for thoroughly, and that everyone is on the same page. Obviously, this was a spur-of-the-moment job - an adventure to say the least! It was a blast to work that way for the day. I don't want it to become the norm because that could get nuts, but it was very freeing as an artist to take everything as it came.

Without further ado, here is a slideshow of the pictures. If you'd like to see their full preview, simply visit my facebook page!