Nick + Skyler Wedding

Yet again I've been blessed to work with an awesome group of people to capture a wedding! I feel like I could write almost the same thing every time I shoot another wedding because everyone is so kind and everything looks beautiful. There are always challenges, but there are also creative ways of dealing with them. 

Obviously, Nick and Skyler's wedding was no exception to this. The girls took longer to get ready (as is typical), and we switched up the schedule a bit (again, typical). Things didn't go according to the schedule, but everything turned out well. We had lots of laughs, some happy tears, and even a downpour right as the bride and groom were supposed to make their getaway! Without further ado, I'll put the link to their full wedding website here: Nick and Skyler. You can order photos there or contact me if you would like to order a disc of the image files to print yourself.

And here is a little slideshow of photos from their big day: