Alex + Amy Wedding

Almost a month ago now, I had the privilege to shoot Alex and Amy's wedding on the edge of the French Broad River at The River Vista. I originally met the couple at the Bridal & Beyond show earlier this year and have had a wonderful time getting to know them. In the first meeting we had, they told me that they would be having an outdoor wedding, which is pretty common. The common problem with that is the risk the couple runs of having to move indoors if the weather doesn't cooperate. This wedding was the first where we had a torrential downpour at the rehearsal AND rain the morning of the wedding, and they still decided to go forward with the outdoor ceremony. 

Guess what...we ended up having wonderful wedding weather! That alone put a big smile on Amy's face:

I think you will agree that she is a beautiful bride! And while I had fun taking photos with the girls, my talented second shooter, Alyssa, took pictures with the guys. This image below is one of my favorites of them. It gives you a little glimpse of how much fun we had working this wedding. 

I have a whole separate file of funny photos especially for the couple. That alone tells you that these people know how to enjoy themselves!

After taking some group photos (without Amy and Alex seeing each other), it was finally time for the ceremony. What wedding would be complete without a photo of the groom's first look at his bride as she walks down the aisle? 

Obviously, I really liked this particular job. Alex and Amy are unabashedly goofy, which made them lots of fun to work with. Now, I typically recommend that couples hire someone who isn't a close friend to do their wedding photos. This allows for the friends to be able to enjoy the ceremony and celebrate without having to have a camera between them the whole time. However, I also hope that by the end of the experience, the couple considers me a friend. This was certainly the case with Alex and Amy! I look forward to keeping in touch with them. 

If you would like to see their full wedding website, follow this link: Doig Wedding

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