A Cap and Gown for Caleb

This post is a little late, but a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing my middle brother, Caleb, be recognized at his church (along with his fellow graduates) for completing high school. Not long before that, he had decided not to go through the normal graduation ceremony, and had chosen not to purchase a cap and gown. So whose do you think he wore in these pictures? 

In case you couldn't guess, he's wearing mine. This young man is about 6' tall and I am only barely 5'4", so in pictures we had to be careful not to show the short sleeves. Nathan, the oldest of the boys, didn't go through graduation, so he didn't have a cap and gown for Caleb to borrow. Luckily, it didn't matter much. 

If you know my family at all, it won't surprise you that we had to get some goofy photos as well. In these we didn't worry so much about showing off the short sleeves of the gown, as you can see: 

Altogether, I am incredibly proud of my brother. He's going places, that's for sure!