Allie - A Portrait Session

This particular session was a lot of fun! I took my cousin, Allie, down to the Southern Railway in Knoxville as well as to a pretty spot on Melton Hill Lake. Both locations were perfect for what she wanted, and though we had blue skies, we had the occasional cloud that gave wonderful, even lighting. I feel like I discuss my great love for natural lighting quite a bit, so I won't go into more detail on that. 

Here are some of my favorite shots from down on the dock and in the field:

Needless to say, Allie is gorgeous. It would probably be difficult to take a bad picture of her! Now, I know I see lots of portraits done near lakes and rivers, so I think it is important to mention the significance of the lake to my cousin. She has grown up living on this particular lake, spending lots of time out on the dock and riding in the boat. Our fathers (who are brothers) love all water sports and it only makes sense that their infatuation with the lake has been passed on to their children. Although Allie was excited to take photos down at the old train station, including Melton Hill Lake seemed like a no-brainer.

Without further ado, here are some of the shots we took at our second location - the train station!

Having never shot at Southern Railway before, I did my research before going. I wanted to know what I was getting into and whether or not the location would be versatile enough for our needs. We weren't disappointed! There were lots of railcars, unique textures, and a good mixture of colors that all made for great backgrounds. Due to our time constraint, we couldn't shoot even half of what was there. In light of that, I look forward to going back sometime soon for another session. If you have any interest in having your pictures done at a railway station, let me know!

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