Boys Will Be Boys...

My most recent shoot was yet another double session, only this one wasn't for a senior and his family, but for a newborn and his family. I have taken pictures for the Smiths before, and have actually known them for quite some time. They have been my teachers, fellow theater performers, and good friends. They run their own business called Smith Studios where they teach voice, piano, and acting lessons. (I highly recommend them if you are in the Johnson City area.) If you hadn't guessed, yes, they're pretty talented. The Smiths also have four little boys - the newest arrived just at the end of March. 

Can you say adorable? And look at all that hair! I'm pretty sure I didn't have that much hair until I was two at the very least. 

After taking photos of the newborn, we tackled the family session. With four boys, three of which were running around and not really in the mood for sitting still with a baby, we had our work cut out for us. 

It is at this point that I should make one thing perfectly clear: Kids running around during a photo session is NORMAL. And guess what, I love it! I can understand that parents feel frustrated that their children won't all smile at the same time, but I also want you guys to know that there's no reason to be embarrassed or get upset. Boys will be boys. Kids will be kids. That is a BEAUTIFUL thing. It is true that, occasionally, you can get a photo where everyone looks at the camera, has big smiles on their faces (but not too big), and that matches what parents have in their heads. However, I encourage those who are getting ready for a family session to expect even the sweetest of children to get a case of the goofs. Don't worry that it bothers me, because it doesn't. I genuinely love it. 

Besides, as the years go by, you know the crazy photos are the ones that will bring you the most joy. I mean, don't you think this one will still get a laugh when this little boy has a little boy of his own? 

Yeah, I think so too. It'll turn into a classic for sure. Both sessions were loads of fun, especially because I could see the growth of the other three boys since the last time I took their pictures. That's always a fun part of being a family photographer. Altogether, I was pretty pleased with how the images have turned out. 

So, the next time you worry about bugging a photographer with rowdy kids, don't! For me at least, it is a joy to play around and get cute candids of children being exactly that - children.