A Double Session

About a week ago, I had the pleasure of doing what I suppose I'll call a double session for some friends. I first took senior photos, and then family photos. I say this was a double session since the two were connected (the senior belonged to the family I took pictures for). The trees are blooming now, but there was not a whole lot of green just a week and a half ago, so it took a while to determine where we would have the shoot. We ended up near downtown Knoxville along the river. The weather was perfect for photos - warm and overcast. I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful it is when the sky cooperates to give such soft light. It makes my job much easier. 

Of course, the family I took pictures of made the job easy too! They are a lot of fun and I was happy I had the opportunity to take their son's senior photos as well as their spring family shots. We had a relaxed evening of walking along the river and everyone was very cooperative, which made for a happy little photographer! 

Over the years, I've noticed that guys often feel awkward during senior sessions (or, really, during any photo shoot). My theory is that guys simply don't have their photos made as much as girls do. They aren't used to it, so they don't know what is expected or what they're supposed to do. Having grown up with three brothers, who were often the unwilling subjects in my early photo shoots, I understand how difficult it can be to get nice pictures where the guy doesn't look like he's being held at gunpoint and told to smile.

That being said, all that is required (the majority of the time) is an explanation of the goals for the session as well as which poses might be best. Armed with that information, they can decide what they like and don't like. In the end, they look more natural and confident in the photos. 

This specific senior knew he wanted his guitars incorporated, so we just went from there. As you can see, the results were really nice:

On top of getting lots of great images, I was also able to enjoy listening to him play. He's quite talented! It is always a treat to bring along something that a senior really treasures so it can be a part of the shoot. 

To wrap things up, both sessions went smoothly and I hope I'll get to work with this fun-loving family again soon.