The Bowers

This past week my family had the opportunity to catch up with some friends - a family we only get to see every few years. The Bowers stayed with us for two days before heading to their next destination, and that gave us plenty of time to talk and play games. The last time they were in town, their oldest daughter was only a baby. In between some other jobs, I snuck in a little photo session with them as a gift. Since it was on such short notice, we decided to take the pictures in my own backyard. Even though I had to work hard to keep distractions out of the photos (random camping chairs, the grill, my dog, etc.), I was pleased with the images we got. The girls (ages 3 and 1) were cooperative and fun to work with, so we actually got a family picture with them both looking at the camera and smiling within the first few shots. It was great! I couldn't help but post the picture I took of the eldest girl. Her eyes look amazing. She is so precious. (And before you ask, no, her eyes aren't edited to look bigger or brighter!)

Maybe when they come through again, I'll take some more family pictures!