Justin + Sarah - An Engagement Session

Back when it first started getting chilly outside (chilly for East Tennessee, anyway), I had the wonderful opportunity to take engagement pictures for Justin and Sarah. Before the session, I spent some time getting to know them and their story. After all, knowing a couple and how they interact is crucial to having a successful session. 

It didn't take many questions before they were both laughing and reminiscing about their love story thus far. Although they grew up not far from each other and had many mutual friends, they didn't meet until college. Once their paths finally did cross, it seems that they both went head over heels pretty quickly.

The rest is history, including the photo shoot! I've included some of my favorite images, but it was incredibly difficult to choose which ones I would post. Justin and Sarah were easy to work with and happy to try goofy things, which is something that always makes a job fun.