Axie's Accomplishments

While I always love getting to know new people, it is also a great joy to capture my friends' milestones. Axie and I first met when I was in college, and we became fast friends (after she got used to how loud I am). Even though I moved away, we've still kept in touch through lengthy phone calls and messages. Her kind-heartedness and encouragement have cheered me up on many difficult days. It only seemed right that I would take her senior photos when she finished school.

Axie had a few different ideas about locations for her session, but we ended up heading over to Doe River Gorge. It is a place that will always be special to me since I was baptized in the river there many years ago. Of course, Doe River Gorge is also a wonderful background for pictures! We played around, shooting pictures and talking until the sun was too far down to take any more without using a flash. By that point, we were a little cold anyway, so we called it a day.  

The session was a great experience and it was a pleasure to celebrate my friend's accomplishment this way. With her love for learning and teaching, I know she will go far!