Goodnight Bram

For a while now I have wanted to take more pictures of newborns and, quite recently, I got the chance to do just that! This cute little boy was only a few days old when we took his pictures, which made him a very drowsy and adorable subject. In case you didn't know, it is best to take newborn pictures within the first week of a baby's life. Once they get a little older, they're still extremely cute, but not as easy to manipulate without making them fussy. 

Bram was originally due at the beginning of a three-week camping trip my family had planned and I was hoping he would arrive early so I could take pictures of him before I left. That didn't happen. Every few days I would hear that the baby still hadn't come. To his mother's dismay, I may have been praying that he wouldn't come until we got back. Thankfully, she has forgiven me for it! Bram arrived just a few days before our trip ended, so I was able to get great newborn pictures after all.