Brizendine Wedding

This beautiful January wedding was blessed with some of the best weather we could have asked for. The skies were blue, it wasn't too cold, and everything ran smoothly. Both the bride and groom's families were a joy to work with, which is probably an understatement.

I got a huge kick out of the bride's family's "initiation" of the groom during the reception. Without his knowledge, they had planned (and even scripted) the whole thing. It was very similar to the initiation of Nemo into the dentist's fish tank in the movie Finding Nemo. They had, of course, informed me this would be taking place, so that I was able to get hilarious pictures of the surprised groom. 

From my experience with this couple, it was clear that they know how to make one another laugh, even in tough times. I pray God will bless them with joy and laughter through the coming years.